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4 Day London Guide

Ever feel like no matter how much time you spend in one place that you’ll still never cover everything you want to see?

To me, London is the very definition of that place! Endless historical sites, bars, restaurants, museums and just streets that need to be explored. But what if you only have a few days to do it?

The guide below is a rough plan for the best way to spend 4 days in London (in my opinion) but feel free to let me know if I missed your favourite spot or something you think is important! This plan is based on an average budget for a weekend in London, I’ve tried to include as many prices as I can!

Day One

Once you arrive in London and drop your bags off to your hotel, you’re going to want to get out again ASAP.

The first stop on this guide will be taking you straight back into history, to the Tower of London.

One of the most iconic historical palaces in England and current home to the Crown Jewels, the Tower is a must see! The Tower of London has been used by the English royal family since it was built around the year 1070. Since then, it was the home of many Kings, the setting for royal murders during the War of the Roses and the prison and execution site of Anne Boleyn, just to name a few things.

Tickets cost £29 for adults & £15 for children. Give yourself at least 2 hours to cover everything. Tickets can be bought here.

If after all that you’re probably starting to think about getting something to eat, I would highly recommend Coppa Club! Not only was the food amazing but if you book into one of the Igloo’s, you’ll be enjoying your meal looking out over Tower Bridge (and yes the Igloo’s are heated!).

Coppa Club, London

If you have time and fancy a walk, you could head over to St Paul’s Cathedral. St Paul’s Cathedral is beautiful even just to look at from the outside but you can go inside and explore more Royal history throughout the years.

Adult tickets are £18 & Children are £7.70. It will take about 1 hour to walk around. Tickets can be bought here. 

St Paul's Cathedral, London

To finish off your first day in London, head over to the Sky Garden for drinks or dinner to look over all of London as the sun goes down.

Day 2

Day two and I would recommend starting your morning with a good breakfast. Depending on what you fancy and where you are based, there are loads of yummy places. From personal experience, Cafe Concerto and Ole & Steen were great for breakfast.

This morning you’re going to start in Hyde Park and head to Kensington Palace. Kensington Palace is one of the still inhabited palaces in the UK. It regularly has exhibitions and special events such as displays of royal fashion so it’s worth checking before you go to see if there’s something of interest for you!

For Adults it costs £20 & for Children £10. Plan for at least 2 hours here. For tickets, click here.

After all that you may be hungry so I would recommend heading to Mercato Mayfair for lunch. This old building was once a church before being turned into a marketplace. Food wise, there’s something for everyone – Asian stalls, Italian, steak houses etc and the food is amazingggg!

Food from Mercato Mayfair
Mercato Mayfair, London

After lunch it’s time for another iconic Royal London site, Buckingham Palace. If you want to save some time or money just getting a picture from the outside might be enough, but if you want to learn a little more then maybe a tour inside would be worth it for you.

Adult tickets cost £30 & Children are £16.50. It will take 2-3 hours to see everything and tickets can be found here.

Before dinner, you could take some time to explore London’s Chinatown. Try some Ube Ice Cream in Mama Sons, Korean hotdogs in Bunsik or Japanese pancakes from Hefaure. If you fancy a drink The Alchemist is close by and even just watching the cocktails getting made is an experience!

Japanese Pancakes
Mama Sons

There’s loads of restaurants around if you’re thinking about dinner, you could stay in ChinaTown or we went for Mexican in Cafe Pacifico and I would highly recommend it!

Day 3

To make the most of your last full day in London I would suggest booking tickets for a hop-on- hop-off bus tour

Bus tours are a great way of seeing round the city and being able to pick and choose where you want to get off. It saves you time and means you get to fly round all the sites instead of having to walk or get tubes everywhere. We used City Sightseeing and their route takes around 2 hours from start to finish if you don’t get off anywhere and just drive around. It’s a good idea to plan out in advance where you would like to get off and see how much time you have spare. The bus tour is possibly the best way to get around Westminster, including Government buildings and the Abbey, Trafalgar Square and Tower Bridge. It might even be worth you booking the bus for 2 days if you think it would suit you better.

It costs £32 per person and tickets can be purchased here.

To finish your last day and if you’re feeling a little fancy, you could go for a cocktail at the top of the Shard. It costs £28 per person just to go to the top and when you’re there, drinks start at around £20…. So it is not a cheap experience by any means. You can get tickets here.

The view from the Shard at night

Day 4

Depending on when you leave and how much free time you have, day 4 might be a good time to relax, wander around the city for the last few hours, get coffee and nice food or try and squeeze in the one or two last attractions you wanted to visit before you have to leave.

I would recommend trying to go on the London Eye if you have time but if you’ve already gone up to Sky Garden and the Shard maybe you’ve seen enough skylines. Although, if you go during daylight and do the other trips at night time, you will see a totally different side to London.

It costs £29.50 per person. You’re only up for about 20 minutes but be prepared to queue before you get on. You can get tickets from here. 

London Eye

If you have an extra day...

If you have an extra day in London, you might want to fit in one more Castle visit. When we were there, we took a day trip out to Windsor Castle, which is very much worth visiting but a bit of a journey from London City centre. It took us 3 trains and around an hour and a half to get there but that will depend on where you’re staying. You need to get a tube to Waterloo Train Station and from there you can get a train direct to Windsor. From Windsor it’s just a short walk up to the castle.

If you visit the castle you can also visit St George’s Cathedral which is the burial place of King Henry 8th and where Prince Harry and Megan got married. It was a real highlight of our trip for me!

Tickets cost £26.50 for adults & for Children it’s £14.50. Give yourself around 3 hours in the Castle & grounds.

Tickets can be bought here.

Windsor Castle
Windsor Castle

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