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Founded in 2021, Shannon Walsh Digital specialises in helping travel business thrive online.

Based in Northern Ireland, Shannon Walsh Digital started in January 2021 and is the cumulation of 5 years of experience in industry and various qualifications including a BSc degree in Communications and PR, a Masters in Digital Marketing and a CPD in Website Development.

Over the course of the last 2 years Shannon Walsh Digital has helped several business across the UK and Ireland thrive online with web development, digital marketing and content creation services.

Shannon’s love for travel is what has inspired her to focus on clients in the travel industry. Over the last number of years much of her spare time has been spent travelling to various new countries, researching trips before hand and creating content while away to share her experience with others online. Through this extensive research, Shannon has been able to observe how places, people and business market themselves and identify how this could be improved. This learning has allowed her to combine her passion for travel and her professional abilities to propel businesses in the travel industry forward, ensuring they are booked, busy and growing.

Through the services outlined here, business will be able to hire SWD safe in the knowledge that they are working with someone who is as passionate about their business as they are!

Book in for a free consultation here and let’s chat about your next steps.