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Content is King in the world of digital marketing. You can have the best strategy in the world but if your content is not good, you will not grow as you deserve to, but getting enough good pictures and videos to post on social media or use on your website can be difficult!

Content creation involves me coming to your business or experiencing your product or services and creating a series of photos, videos, reels or TikToks following this. These services can be beneficial as it will give you a bank of content which can be reused across different platforms which gives potential customers an idea of what your business offers! Plus I’ll share it on my social media platforms, @shannonwalsh_digital and @shannonwalsh_travel, which will get your business in front of new people too.

Content Creation package prices are dependent on location, pre-set deliverables (the amount and types of content you would like) and deadlines. If you’re worried about budget, please email and I’ll be happy to discuss your options. In some cases, an exchange of services may be arranged.

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