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Colektiv is a newly opened yoga studio in Holywood, County Down.

As a newly launched business, Colektiv knew that utilising short form videos, such as Instagram reels, would be a great strategy to build their community online and convert this into new members.

I joined the team at Colektiv for a content day, focusing on capturing video clips of the studio, the team, their practices and other things on offer in the studio which embody their values and the atmosphere which have since been used to create reels by their social media manager.

By having a content day, the studio now has a bank of content which they can dip into, allowing them to continue to post new videos online, without having to take the time to record each time.

To view some of the content created by me, please visit the Colektiv Instagram page.

I have also been working with the team at Colektiv in a consultancy roll to provide help and advice with their online strategy.