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Wunderbar Campers is a vintage VW campervan rental company based in Northern Ireland.

In 2021, I was tasked with the creation of their brand new website.

The aim of their website was to attract customers, allow for bookings and capture the retro vibe of the vans.

Developing the website involved formatting the booking calendars for the 3 campers and ensuring the site was functional and responsive across all devices.

As this was a new business with no pre-existing digital presence I was also tasked with the creation of their instagram page and was invited on a trip in one of the campers to create content for social media and the new website. The content created on this trip can be seen throughout the site as well as on their social media pages.

To view the whole website please visit

N.B All changes and adjustments made to either the website or social media pages following the completion of the site in September 2021 were not completed by me.