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There are over 4.5 billion internet users around the world and having a website means you’re boosting your chance of being seen by the people that will be interested in your product or service. It means more visibility for your business, which leads to more sales, customers and clients.

Creating your own website removes the dependence on the likes of Airbnb and Etsy and allows you to have greater control over your business. But it can also streamline your processes, removing the need for manual work by adding automated services such as a booking calendar or invoice reminders giving you more time to work on developing your business.

You may already have a website on a ‘drag and drop’ hosting site such as Squarespace, Wix or Godaddy but did you know in the long run these sites will be more expensive to run than a self hosted WordPress site? Plus you are limited in the journey you can create for your customers compared to a fully personalised, functional and responsive premium self hosted website.

Website Process

Shannon Walsh Digital is here to make your life easier by taking away the stress of trying to build your own website and saving you time to allow you to focus on growing your business.

In short, the process is:

  • You book in for a free 30 minute consultation call here
  • Following this, I will send you a questionnaire which, once filled in as much as you can, will provide me with lots of information on your needs.
  • We can have another call to discuss any questions on this or if you’re happy, I will create a proposal on the project which outlines everything so we’re all on the same page.
  • Once the proposal is agreed by all parties involved, I’ll get to work.
  • Throughout the building process I’ll be on hand to answer any questions but would recommend a weekly/ fortnightly call to update you and ensure you’re happy with the progress as we go

I currently offer 3 options on websites:

New Build Website

This option is for you if you do not currently have any form of website.

For a new build site, I can organise the domain name and hosting, if this is not something you have done yet and then get to work on creating the site from scratch. Depending on the complexity of the site you need, this type of project will usually take between 3 – 6 weeks.

Before I can start on building the site I would need you to have any the content you would like included (images, text, product info etc) ready to go. I’m happy to discuss this with you during the consultation period and allow you enough time to get this sorted before starting the site, but having this ready before build commences allows for a smoother and quicker web development.

New build web designs are priced individually depending on your requirements for the site.

Maintenance Work and Redesigns

Maybe you already have a website and it needs updated or maybe you just don’t have the time to maintain the site regularly. In this case, outsourcing the maintenance of your site can be a great way to save yourself time while also ensuring your site remains up to date and functional for your customers.

Maintaining a website regularly is essential for SEO, to ensure you site remains at the top of search engine results pages so customers can find you as easily as possible. Sites that fall behind and aren’t given the attention they need can often fail to provide you with the results you deserve

Don’t let an outdated website be the thing that’s holding you back!

Maintenance contracts are priced on a set monthly fee and can include as many or few hours as agreed on. This will include updating any plugins or themes as needed, making minor adjustments to content, fixing any bugs on site and updating pages as required.

Redesigns are priced on a case by case basis and time taken is dependent on the requirements of the project.

Website Audits

If you already have a website but it’s not providing you with the results you expect or if you would like to make some changes but are not yet ready to commit to a redesign, a website audit can be a quick and easy way to see changes and improvements I would suggest without the initial cost of a redesign.

Audit results will be sent to you in the form of a written report with a free consultation call also offered as a follow up to discuss any questions or future steps.

Website audits will take around one week and will cost £250/ €290.

Website audits combined with a social media & digital marketing audit will cost £450/ €500.

Have any questions?

If you would like any more information, have any questions or would like to book in for a call, please complete the form below and we can get the ball rolling.

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